Firm Overview

ArmourWealth Management, LLC is a privately owned, SEC Registered Investment Advisor, who specializes in tactical asset management strategies. Armour was incepted in 2012 by Brett Rosenberger in an attempt to provide better way of managing assets in various market cycles.  ArmourWealth’s investment process is to monitor BOTH widely used financial data points and public perception to attempt to actively adjust our risk levels based on current economic conditions.  Utilizing quantitative methods to measure risk and return more effectively is the foundation of ArmourWealth Management, LLC.

Whether you are managing your own investments, or have them managed by financial advisors, mutual fund managers, pension consultants, or private asset managers, ArmourWealth adds an additional dynamic to your equity (stock) portfolio. Allocations that are otherwise strong investment plans now can be improved by the ArmourWealth’s extensive risk management. From the large market-wide movements to the smaller, more tailored challenges facing a single company, sector, or index, we are there, analyzing risk and opportunities multiple times per day, as an improvement to your typical diversified, static allocation.



What do we do?

Tactical Asset Management based upon concepts developed by the Department of Defense and behavioral finance industry.

ArmourWealth Key Differences: We feel we can more consistently quantify, analyze, and objectively execute tactical asset management strategies more efficiently over time by tracking both key micro, macro, and sector data points and the perception of how those could affect an investment’s return.

What can we do for you?

Our ability to provide that additional alternative layer of protection beyond traditional asset management is achieved by looking at risk and return in a different, more extensive manner. Whether you are an individual, financial advisor, or large institution, ArmourWealth is able to provide daily-liquid portfolios your needs.

ArmourWealth offers our services in Mutual Funds, Separately Managed Accounts, and Unified Managed Account Services. Visit our Resources tab or Client tab for insight into working with us.

How can we work with you?

Mutual Funds:

• ArmourWealth Tactical Flex Fund – ARMFX

Separately Managed Accounts:

• Private Wealth Management

• Wealth Management for Advisors or Brokers

• Institutional Wealth Management

Unified Managed Accounts:

• Please reach us to discuss availability with your UMA/TAMP platform.