Diversification is only one component

Armourwealth attempts to add additional layers of protection

Wide diversification is only necessary when investors do not know what they are doing. – Warren Buffett

The Armour Process

By cross-checking the facts with the perception of those facts, Armourwealth attempts to get a more clear perspective on all threats to an already diversified portfolio, whether factual, perceived or both.

Saying tomorrow will be 50 degrees brings about different actions if it is said during the winter vs during the summer, or in Miami vs in Buffalo.  The facts without the context can give us an incomplete picture.  The same is true with financial evaluations.  Most know this to be true already with an array of facts ranging from earnings, debt load and market capture to investor sentiment, volatility indexes and currency relationships.  All can effect the price of an investment yet some are definitive and measurable while others are an attempt to measure the “grey area” of investing.  They all have a role to play.

At Armourwealth, we attempt to accomplish this through a rules-based process that is comparing standard financial facts with behavioral patterns.  Armourwealth’s rules of engagement provide a structure for how we consistently analyze all information flowing in.  By establishing a priority to that data based upon its current context, we feel we can more accurately participate in the market given the current conditions.

In short, we are trying to be the “Moneyball” of the Financial Industry.